29 Sep 2020

ITU Pars Rocket Group Carries Model Satellites to the Sky

Model satellites were carried to the sky with rockets and launchers designed by ITU PARS Rocket Group at the International TURKSAT Model Satellite Contest organized 5th time in cooperation with TURKSAT and Turkey Technology Team Foundation.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

At the TURKSAT Model Satellite Contest, held in Aksaray, rockets and launching ramps designed and manufactured by the ITU Pars Rocket Group are used. 

ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics faculty member Prof. Dr. Scholar Rüstem Aslan is the consultant of ITU PARS Rocket Group. The whole group consists of students from Space, Electronics, Computer, and Mechanical Engineering departments. Aerospace Engineering 2nd year student Miraç Azizoğlu is the team leader.

22 successful launches in one day

İTÜ Pars Rocket Group, contributing to TURKSAT AŞ national technology move, made mission flights with 22 models of satellites and 9 reused rockets in one day. 22 successful rockets were launched in one day.

As a result of the negotiations with TURKSAT in January 2020, it was accepted that the model satellites participating in the TURKSAT Contest will be launched with local rockets made by PARS. The International TURKSAT Model Satellite Contest basically aims to raise human resources in the field of satellite and space technologies. The Model Satellite Contest aims for students to gain real space project experience with low budgets, considering the high participation costs of competitions held abroad.