With an educational approach focused on learning with practice, İTÜ steers change through curiosity and passion and trains pioneers that contribute to the whole world.

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* 31 December 2022 Data

Undergraduate Education

Faculty / Department / Program

Undergraduate education at İTÜ is undertaken by 13 faculties and 1 conservatory, 37 departments in 5 different campuses, contributing to higher education with 108 undergraduate programs, 16 of which are Dual Degree Programs (DDP).

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School of Foreign Languages

İTÜ School of Foreign Languages offers 8 different language courses in 4 different programs.

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Turkish Music State Conservatory

Turkish Music State Conservatory provides education in music with 8 various departments.

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Graduate Education

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Master's degree

Istanbul Technical University has 116 master programs in 7 institutes.

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Istanbul Technical University has 72 doctoral programs in 7 institutes.

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International Joint Degree Programs

İTÜ is a state university that defines engineering and architecture in Turkey and always keeps this definition up to date, protects traditional structure while maintaining a modern teaching and learning environment for their students, and raise students that competes not only within the country's borders, but also beyond borders with strong international relations. In this context, İTÜ is in a leading position in our country with 14 Dual Degree Programs open to student admission.

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EU-Erasmus Office

Are you ready to open yourself to the world? Start counting down to encounter with new approaches in your field, to meet visions of different professors and to experience living abroad!

Don’t forget to stop by our office to get information on Erasmus programs all around Europe and to learn about your preferences.

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Quality Management System

With the aim to be a pioneer in science, technology and arts, we attach priority to quality in infrastructure of education, research and management. A Quality Assurance System that rests upon the principles of inclusiveness, transparency, continuous reformation in accordance with the principles of the Council of Higher Education.

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