Campus Life

We believe that universities are not just made up of classrooms and courses. They offer a lifestyle to students, such as nature, history, sports, arts and the city, which brings them together. Our campuses are built upon this mindset.

Campus Maps

İTÜ provides a unique environment with its campuses located at favorite city spots, connecting the green campus experience with urban life.

Yerleşke Grafik Görsel Maçka Ayazağa Gümüşsuyu Taşkışla Tuzla


5 Campuses, 8 Libraries

In our opinion, the success of a university is linked to the inspiring work environment it offers its students. The atmosphere, facilities and system of our libraries were created to keep the İTÜ members motivation high.


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Number of Subscribed Full Text and Index Databases

Culture and Arts

Kültür & Sanat Görseli
Rectorate Art Gallery

İTÜ RSG is an alternative space for artists and art enthusiasts, uniting intellectual consciousness and aesthetic taste.

Yurtlar & Kampüs Görseli
İTÜ Radio Station

The İTÜ radio station is the most listened to university radio station in Turkey with three different channels that broadcast Rock, Classical Music and Jazz/Blues.

Spor & Fitness Görseli
İTÜ Events

Numerous events that highlight creativity in different branches of arts meet under the auspices of İTÜ events.


İTÜ conceives sports as a vital part of a healthy life and athletes are carried to new achievements with opportunities available for individual and team sports.

Social Life

Yurtlar & Kampüs Görseli
Dining Halls

İTÜ refectories serve in all our campuses with healthy, balanced and delicious menus prepared with the consultancy of food engineers.

Kültür & Sanat Görseli

15 dormitory buildings on our campuses offer a safe and comfortable lodging opportunity to 5000 students.

Spor & Fitness Görseli
Social Facilities

İTÜ Social Facilities, with its elegant and comfortable venues and its experienced staff, host congresses, conferences, seminars, meetings, cultural and artistic events.

Spor & Fitness Görseli
İTÜ Events

Mark your calendar to experience university life to the fullest! Click to check out the colorful events calendar.

Job Opportunities on Campus

Part Time Student Working System

It is possible to get your pocket money without breaking away from campus life! ITU students gain experience of working in a safe atmosphere within the framework of their interests. In our opinion, education starts in classrooms and continues with a part-time working system until you feel ready to work in the field.

Career Center

İTÜ Career Center

The İTÜ Career Center was established to eliminate the concerns that arise in students regarding their future. At the center, the students are introduced to internship and career opportunities in their field to allow them to start preparing for their careers after they graduate.

Transportation at Campuses

Transportation by bicycle

Cycling is the most convenient and environmental-friendly way of transportation. Click for the bicycle route map.

Use of Parking Lots

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İTÜ Radio

The most listened-to university radio station.

The İTÜ radio has been on air since 1945 and is the first university radio station in Turkey.
3, 2, 1, on air!